Is There Really a Nicki Minaj Sex Tape?

It looks like rumors are swirling again - is there really a Nicki Minaj sex tape out there?  Does it feature Lil Wayne? How much do you wanna bet Lil Wayne has tapped that ass at least once in his life!  Nicki is one sexy diva, and that booty is something else.  People have been talking about a Nicki sex scandal for a few years now.  If you haven't seen it yet, check out the screencaps of what definitely looks like Nicki having sex on camera.  MediaTakeout first reported this back in the day, and they've broken some really taboo news over the years.  A ton of people have started searching for this alledged sex tape, if you're here you probably are too!  

Nicki has one beautiful booty and a nice set of tits to match, maybe we get to see them in the video below??

nicki minaj video

A quick update as of 12/22/2015 - it looks like is showing more screencaps that definitely look like a Nicki Minaj sex tape - what do you think?